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Rubber Wheels for Casters, tyres for forklifts

Natural Rubber Wheels For Diverse Applications

Elastic, Antistatic, Conductive Compounds

This high quality Forklift Tyre tyres manufactured using natural rubber products. The natural rubber has a high-demand in the world market due to its unique properties. Our products are known to be synonymous with quality and our customers are mostly large international organizations.

We proactively identify the market dynamics and adopt a market responsive approach to meet diverse customer requirements. With continuous emphasis on upgrading our manufacturing capabilities and processes, we remain highly competitive in the world market place. Adherence to quality measures, pneumatic forklift tires timely delivery, competitive pricing and Tyres for Forklifts prompt response to diverse global customers demand.

Our products cater mainly for the material handling industry. Typical applications are rubber wheels for casters used in shopping trollies, airport trollies, hospital carts and a wide variety of other Industrial and commercial applications. We also sells natural rubber solid tires that are used in numerous industrial folklifts applications around the globe.

We offers different types of wheels for casters and forklift tyres made for both light and heavy applications. We provide wheels made out of rubber, polymide, polyurethane, nylon, and various combinations.

We provide retail and wholesale offers for Forklift Tyre tyres no one can match. We are direct manufacturer of forklift tyres with industry quality standards.

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